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GMMK Pro FR4 Plate by AVX Works (ISO)

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GMMK Pro FR4 Plate Product Description:

Designed by AVX Works and custom built for the GMMK Pro, this FR4 plate is designed to provide a flexible typing experience, more consistent sound, better stabiliser compatibility, easier installation, and a clean aesthetic. All at an affordable price.

The GMMK Pro plate offers a high-quality design and helps users to get the most of their keyboard’s sound and touch. The FR4 boasts a strong and resonant surface that gives your switches a bulkier, durable feel. Built using strong materials, the GMMK Pro FR4 plate is renowned for its hardness and delivery of a fabulous typing experience. 


  • Finish - A¬†White or Black finish with gold trim for a premium aesthetic.
  • Flex cut design - Carefully selected flex cuts have been added to this plate design to provide a more flexible typing experience than can be had with the stock GMMK Pro plates.
  • Relief Cuts - To provide a more consistent sound across the board.
  • Stabiliser Cutouts - Designed for maximum PCB mount stabiliser combatibility. No matter the size of your PCB mount stabilsers they are guarenteed to fit and work perfectly.
  • Screwless design - No screws are needed with the GMMK Pro FR4, making the installation quick and easy. Guide holes are on the sides to help you line up the diffusers, but no screws are needed to hold them in place once the case is closed. The design of this plate does allow for screws to be¬†used to hold the diffusers in place should you prefer to do so.

Note that this is an ISO only plate. You can purchase the ANSI plate here

 Quality Statement

This product is an internal component of a keyboard and is mostly not visible once a keyboard has been built. Cosmetic damage to the plates as described below is deemed as acceptable and customers should be aware of this.

  • Minor light scuffs on the visible (front) face
  • All cosmetic marks on the rear of the plate (back face)


Plate Designer: AVX Works

This plate is designed entirely by AVX Works, and is not in any way affiliated with Glorious LLC.

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